Indulge your Curiyosity
All you need to know, in just one click, without leaving your page.

Zero to Smarter in One Second

Curiyo is a new browser app that brings you everything you need to know from top publishers, social networks and bloggers. Just long-click™ on any word and discover relevant content in a simple popup.

Wide World of Content

Cut the clutter and enjoy instant access to content, facts and commentary from top sources: encyclopedic (e.g. Wikipedia) and dynamic (e.g. Twitter). Say goodbye to dozens of open browser tabs.

Bring Words to Life

Curiyo automatically identifies the most interesting topics on any page you're reading and subtly underlines them. It brings information to you, not you to it. Examples:  Selena Gomez, ITLAPD, Theory of Relativity, Jennifer Lawrence, East Timor, waif, I Have A Dream, Charles Darwin, Elvis Presley, 2014 FIFA World Cup, Allen Iverson, Olinguito, Cubism, Maldives, Ke$ha.

Enhance Your Site with Curiyo

If you're a publisher or blogger, Curiyo can help you engage your readers and make them happier while keeping them on your site longer. Find out more...