8 Reasons Why Most Affiliate Marketers Fail?

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There were lots of questions out here for most affiliate marketers around the world. I have been checking out some of the e-books of affiliate marketing and most of them saying “Why 75% of the affiliate marketers fail?”, or even more than that. It was interesting to study and find answers on the success and failures of the affiliate marketers today. This is why I asked this question to my topic, “Why most affiliate marketers fail?” Is it really true that most of them failed? Yes! I agree that most of them failed because of many reasons and I think most of them were basic enough for me, and it should be stand corrected from now on.

Here are some of the reasons why most affiliate marketers fail in their business?

  1. Huge competition– if you take a look around you, there are more competitors that are battling themselves on the top spot of the search engine rankings. So if you just ignore it and did not learn mostly on how affiliate marketing really works for us, you will definitely fail. If they fail, that means they give up on their dreams and they don’t continue to fight. However, if you still have the guts to fight and compete with the huge competitors around you, it may give you a better chance that you can be a big threat to them by learning more about affiliate marketing and to practice yourself.
  2. Lack of discipline–  if you are not applying a self-discipline yourself, this is another reason that affiliate marketers fail on their business. It will be in effect when you are not really motivated to yourself and lack of focus on your work. It may happen when you are in the middle of the work, you have done something else that is outside of your work like watching Youtube, playing online games, chatting ,etc. You must not tempt yourself to make yourself useless, because it will only distract you and may lose your attention in working with your business through affiliate marketing.
  3. Lack of time management– if you have less time doing this, let’s say only 1-2 hours per day, you will not gain any success of your performance in affiliate marketing. One advantage that is specifically relied by most affiliate marketers is the time management. However, we don’t have to waste our time by doing useless things but instead try to focus on what you’re doing for the business. Just keep doing it until you see some good results. You may work in a flexible manner with a minimum of 2 hours but not more than 10 hours, so that you may have a perfect time for your business and for your other stuff with family and friends.
  4. No Passion, doing just for the money– it has been stated time and time again that if you are in this business just to make a quick buck you may do so and do so well but for the short term only. You are much better doing something you love by choosing your niche wisely something you have passion about and then giving honest reviews about the products and do not do the hard sell on people. Also it’s important you build trust and community with your readers
  5. Not studying further into the market– Just like SEOwith constant changes in the search market, same goes for affiliate marketing, you must adapt what you know and then put this out to your reader, recently there was new FTC regulations, next week there is this, and next month there will be that. So you must study and then apply constantly. This is where alot of affiliate marketers kind of neglect and think they know everything without constant learning then applying new strategies. Keeping up to date with special offers and much more. (This is why I use PPC Bully)
  6. Technical Challenges– Most people think you can get a website business setup in 4 steps, but with running a website and particularly one in which relates to affiliate marketing there are alot of challenges that arise including constant design and structure with your site and interface issues such as emails, autorespnders (This is why I use Aweber) and then registering with affiliate companies. Then you need to also track all of these affiliate programs in every platform.
  7. Making the most ROI– Monitoring your ads and seeing how much you are spending on Ads and how many sales you are getting per lead or impression is vital to your success.  Programs like SpeedPPCwill help you tremendously. But this is expensive and again may require an investment on your part.
  8. Getting ready for expenses – All the tools and learning ebooks, tutorials,joining community siteswill cost and I don’t know anyone who isn’t paying for their products they use that has made them successful today. If they have been successful im sure they are pretty unhealthy because learning the hard way costs time. I know what I would like to do in my spare time, have fun and enjoy myself.

If you will overcome these main reasons why affiliate marketers like you will soon fail, think again! You can overcome it by putting yourself in a positive way and always have self-discipline, focus and motivation in order to become a successful affiliate marketer. Failure is not an option, you must get rid of it and always think that you will be successful by just staying focused at your business and affiliate marketing.


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