Basic guide to blog commenting and how it can boost your blog’s traffic

Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. If you are running a blog or planning to start one, SEO is one factor that you should keep in consideration. Google being the biggest search engine, receives around 40,000 searches every second. That is 3.5 billion searches per day.

The data mentioned above might not seem very relevant. Breaking it down, you will realize that being able to rank your blog in the search results will result in a huge lot of users visiting your blog everyday.

But how does it happen?

Well, SEO is the name. There are around 200 SEO factors which Google considers while placing a webpage on a certain position in its search results. One of these factors is backlinks. 35% of SEOs in the world are spending around a Thousand US Dollars a month for link building.

Now for the sake of a reality check, how many new bloggers can actually spend that amount? Obviously, that is not how you really start building links. Spending that amount in a month for link building will suit if your blog gets a decent amount of web traffic every day.

To start with link building Blog commenting, Social sharing, and guest posting by email outreach are the best ways. In this blog post, you will get to read about Blog commenting, how to do it, and how it can boost your blog’s traffic. So, keep reading to find out.

What is Blog commenting?

For those who are in doubt or are unaware, Blog commenting is the medium of developing relationships between bloggers and readers, and bloggers and other bloggers.

The basic idea of blog commenting is to communicate to the author of a particular blog post. This mostly includes asking questions, giving compliments or even suggesting for betterment or updation.

Blog commenting is a great way of exchanging ideas and information that matters to the readers and to the blog author as well.

How does Blog commenting benefit anyone?

Talking of the benefits of blog commenting, there are many.

For the readers, it is about being able to connect to the author of the blog post. For other people who are interested or researching in the same niche, blog commenting is a great way of exchanging ideas. But how does it in particular help other bloggers?

Well, Bloggers working in the same niche are generally interested and are researching in that niche. Blog commenting gives them a platform to share their innovations, ideas and practices regarding that particular niche or topic.

This way other readers on the blog get to know about other people researching and writing about the same topic. This gets them more readers. And then in the end, Blog commenting is a good way of getting a Nofollow backlink from a famous blog, which probably gets more traffic than your blog.

Also comments to a blog are just as fuel is to a vehicle. Every blog needs comments to sustain and keep running. Harsh Aggarwal of reported approving quality comments on his blog boosted the search engine rankings to a considerable extent.

The fact is that blog comments are great for readers, fellow bloggers, and the blog which the comments are being posted on. But how to actually do Blog commenting? What type of a comment will a moderator pass? And what type of comments will end in the trash or spam folder? Well, you will get all the answers. Just keep reading.

How to do Blog Commenting the right way to boost your blog’s traffic?

Blog commenting has long been used as a method of building backlinks and relations between readers, authors, and fellow bloggers. Many people though forget the whole idea of blog comments.

Whenever posting a comment on a blog or approving a comment on your own blog, there are a few things that you should strictly keep in mind. In this section we are talking about the important elements of a blog comment when you are posting.

You can understand and relate accordingly, while you are to moderate a comment on your blog. Here are the 3 key elements of posting a blog comment.

1. If you are not adding value, your comment will not be added

This is the one thing that you should always keep in mind. Don’t just go out commenting with “Hi, great post” or “I love your content” or any other generic compliment. Even if you are just looking for a backlink, try to add value to the blog post.

It is highly recommendable to first read the blog post and then share your views about it. You can share your ideas or suggest any sort of improvements, mark any mistakes or even add more content if needed. Doing this will always add value to the blog.

No blogger or moderator will remove a comment which is adding value to their blog.

2. Have a good intention while you comment

What is the intention behind you commenting on a blog? This is something really important. The intention behind your comment will go into consideration when the moderator will look at it. And one thing that you need to realize is that the moderator is going to be a human.

Considering that it will be better if you have an intention of contributing to the blog, instead of just stealing a backlink without adding any value. That is not going to take you anywhere.

3. It’s 2018, nobody likes to read essays now

It is good to like a blog post. Being expressive is mostly appreciated. But how likely do you think you are to read huge blocks of text as a comment moderator for your blog?

You might be trying to put in extra efforts or real value with the cleanest intentions of contributing to the blog and still get reject. The reason can be the size of your comment. It’s always advisable to keep your comments crisp, short, and easily readable. The same way as you would want your blog’s content to be.

You can use links in places where a deeper explanation is needed. Typing a 300 word comment might not be a great idea, even with good intentions.

Keeping all the factors and the key elements of blog commenting in mind, you can write really good comments. These comments will get more referral traffic i.e., readers to your blog. Also, you will get free backlinks, which will inturn better your blog’s off page SEO.

Final words

Blog commenting has always been a good way of generating referral traffic, and improving SEO rankings to and for a website. Neil patel in his blog mentions how he made $25,000 with 249 comments. This just explains how useful blog commenting can be, if done the right way.

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