Small Business Success – 5 Things All Small Businesses Need to Succeed

Being a small business owner means you’re riding a wave that nobody outside of the entrepreneurial community can understand. There’s so much to do, and so many hats to wear. You often have to serve as the CEO, accountant, web design agency, and receptionist.  So, how do you change all of those hats quickly and […]

Flawless Follow-up – 5 Proven Strategies For Following Up With Clients After Big Sales

Too many companies spend a massive amount of time looking for new customers while failing to invest adequately in looking after the customers they already have. Good follow-up will leave your customers feeling happy and satisfied with their purchase, increasing your referral chances, and maximizing repeat business opportunities. To ensure that your organization’s follow-up game […]

Ethical Impacts – 5 Tangible Benefits Of Having Ethical Business Practices

There is a major movement towards ethical business practices, including transparency around supply chains, fair pay for workers, sustainable packaging, and generally doing better for people and the environment. We see examples of this in big business, with moves such as Costco raising their base wages year on year above and beyond the government requirements […]

Charm and Charisma – 5 Habits That Can Boost Anyone’s Charisma

Charismatic people tend to get along with people better and find success with far more ease. They appear to glide through life, stumbling upon opportunities and moving up the ladder with what seems like very little effort. As smooth and seamless as their success may appear to be, that special something they radiate took time […]

Corporate Culture – 5 Ways Corporate Culture Has Changed Since the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every aspect of life, and the workplace is no different. Corporate culture has radically changed since office dwellers first retreated to their homes during initial quarantines. Whether you’re continuing to work remotely or you’ve returned to your COVID-safe shared workspace, your work situation has likely been in constant […]

Small Business Safety – 5 Monthly Health And Safety Checks You Should Do Regularly

One of your responsibilities as a business owner is to conduct regular health and safety checks to ensure the safety of your premises. There are no hard and fast rules as to how to carry out these monthly checks.  Every business is different, and every business owner will prioritize certain things over others. To determine […]

Flexible Funds – 5 Unique Ways To Generate Capital For Your Business

Finding ways to generate capital in a changing economy can be difficult. While leads might be scarce, the good news is that you don’t always have to reach out in order to stay profitable. Sometimes, working on your internal processes can free up enough of your budget to act as a secondary stream of income. […]

Back On Track – 5 Ways To Revive Your Business If It’s Taken A Hit In 2020

From massive cruise ship companies to the mom-and-pop cafe around the block, businesses of every size and industry are suffering due to the COVID-19 crisis. Though it can be an uphill battle trying to survive a recession, there are things you can do over the next few months to mitigate this difficult period.  Seek Help […]

Launch Lessons – 5 Lessons You’ll Learn in the First Year of Your Startup

Launching a startup can be nerve-wracking, terrifying, and exciting, all at once. However, it can also be rewarding if you do your homework. Before you kick things off, it’s worth learning as much as possible about the steps you can take to better manage that first, often-challenging year. Some of the lessons below may be […]

Remote Reality – 4 Strategies To Make Life Easier For Remote Workers

Working remotely can be hard. Your employees have probably got kids and pets to deal with, they might not have the proper facilities, and being separated from their colleagues can detract from their ability to collaborate effectively. That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s an excuse for letting productivity and performance slip.  With remote working becoming […]

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