How To Become A Technical Writer

Hiring writers to compile reports on technical subjects varies significantly from hiring someone to, for example, compose a weekly blog post. Recruiters should ensure that the person they hire is technically competent; this article highlights key issues for employers to address. Who is a Technical Writer? Unlike writers in general, when a company requires a […]

How you can use Quora to find more potential readers for your blog?

Blogging is fun.The whole concept of creating a blog, and managing everything on and about it from design to distribution is appealing to many. It might appear easy or effortless to readers at first. Bloggers know the hard work and commitment that goes into blogging. Creating the best content ever, everytime you sit to write […]

Basic guide to blog commenting and how it can boost your blog’s traffic

Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. If you are running a blog or planning to start one, SEO is one factor that you should keep in consideration. Google being the biggest search engine, receives around 40,000 searches every second. That is 3.5 billion searches per day. The data mentioned above might not seem very […]

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