Remote Roundup – 6 Tips for Running Effective Meetings with a Remote Team

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses adapted to not meeting in person by hosting online meetings. Technically, the only difference is that everyone is on a screen, but it can sometimes feel like these meetings don’t run as smoothly as they could. 

Though there will always be challenges, the following tips should help your remote team meetings go off without a hitch. 

Use a Specialist Space

If teleconferencing just isn’t working for some of your team members, consider having them meet in a serviced office, either with you or if they are in a different city, with a technician who can help them understand and operate the technology. 

A serviced office can be set up to meet your boardroom meeting needs, with audio-visual equipment, projectors, electronic whiteboards, and more. If your team is all in the same region, this could become a permanent solution to team meetings. If they’re more spread out around the world, it can simply be a good way to help struggling team members.

Understand the Platform

New technology can be scary, and it can also require some tweaking until you’re able to operate it as intended. Don’t wait until the meeting to figure out how to use your video conferencing software of choice. 

Set up a fake meeting for practice or watch online tutorials about how it works. The more research you do on hosting a meeting, the smaller the risk that you’ll turn up with a potato filter you don’t know how to remove

Set an Agenda for the Meeting

Many meetings have agendas, which are lists of activities participants hope to accomplish during their meeting. Having an agenda can help you keep on track while reducing the risk of making the session longer than necessary. 

Establish Meeting Etiquette

There are few things as distracting as having a screen full of faces interrupted by one employee who is moving around their apartment doing other things. If this is distracting for you, it’s probably distracting for everyone. 

Before you begin hosting, send everyone your meeting etiquette guidelines. This might include dressing in tidy clothing, minimizing background noise like dogs barking, and sitting somewhere without distractions, such as a home office. Being punctual, listening and engaging, and coming prepared with a rundown of the agenda may also be worth including on the list. 

Allow Time to Prepare

Though you might be able to phone an employee without warning when you’re working in the same building, the expectations can be different with remote teams. 

Allow plenty of time for your team to prepare for the meeting by scheduling it at least a few days in advance. This window gives them time to read up on meeting etiquette, browse through an agenda if you have one, and find a quiet place to attend. 

Make Them Fun

Out of all things to do in a day, meetings would have to be many professionals’ least favorite. They take up time, are not always relevant to your specific job, and can drag on longer than necessary. 

However, there’s room to make them fun. Set time aside in the meeting for a social catch-up at the beginning or end to make up for the water cooler chats everyone is missing out on. 

Online meetings can be just as effective as in-person ones, but the new meeting method may require some refinement. Don’t forget to set an agenda and establish meeting etiquette. You might also see the value in booking an appropriate meeting place and having the best technology for the job.

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