Employees of the Year – 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Staff Smiling in 2019

Everyone wants to start the new year on the right foot both personally and professionally. Whether 2018 was a year worth celebrating or forgetting, your employees should be feeling happy and comfortable at work. Set a positive atmosphere and encourage your staff to keep aiming for results by taking these five initiatives.

1. Show Your Gratitude With A Gift

Begin the year with momentum and joy by surprising all your members of staff with ‘welcome back’ gifts! There are plenty of options when it comes to branded corporate gifts, so you can choose something that is in line with your brand and your team values. From personalized coffee cups to stationery sets and technology accessories, a thoughtful and practical present is a simple way to share your gratitude and encourage a strong and productive new working year!

2. Keep Up The Challenges

Create an energetic work environment to help motivate your staff to hit their targets and achieve new goals. Don’t allow your workflow to stagnate. By providing ongoing incentives like sales sprints, performance-based bonuses, rewards, and recognition throughout the year, you will keep team morale high. You can get creative by mixing up the rewards from tangible gifts such as movie or sports tickets to offering the highest performer a later starting time the following day or an early finish.

3. Encourage Exercise

Traditionally, many work culture pastimes involve alcoholic beverages or heavy foods and sweets. While drinks with the team can be a fun treat, it is an indulgence that, if frequent, won’t do any favors to the health and productivity of your workforce. It also fosters a sense of exclusion for members who are non-drinkers – no matter how much they insist it doesn’t. Instead, open-invite exercise activities, such as team fitness classes or mindfulness sessions are a great alternative for team bonding and promoting a healthier, happier culture.

4. Promote A Comfortable Environment

Inclusive work culture is more than just whole-team events and competitions. Happy employees are ones that feel comfortable and a sense of stability in their place of work. According to studies, they also tend to be higher performers. So, easing up on restrictions and allowing for a more relaxed atmosphere could be very worthwhile. Granting permissions for employees to customize their workstations, more flexibility in working times and remote work options or even casual dress Fridays can make work feel like more of a comfort zone.  

5. Get To Know Your Employees

As a business owner or manager, your team is one of your most vital assets. An employee who feels connected to their boss and the business will be happier and feel a higher sense of responsibility and accountability than an employee who feels like they are a faceless cog in the corporate wheel. As a high-level executive, you need to prioritize learning all your staff members’ names. This can be through a large meeting, group activity sessions or introducing yourself in short, one on one meetings.

These five simple tips are straight-forward to implement so you can get started straight away. When you show up with a positive, can-do attitude, this is the first step to creating a happier, productive workplace. Aim to inspire the changes rather than enforce them by personalizing your gifts with a self-signed card and participating in events and set the mood right for 2019.

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