Flawless Follow-up – 5 Proven Strategies For Following Up With Clients After Big Sales

Too many companies spend a massive amount of time looking for new customers while failing to invest adequately in looking after the customers they already have. Good follow-up will leave your customers feeling happy and satisfied with their purchase, increasing your referral chances, and maximizing repeat business opportunities. To ensure that your organization’s follow-up game is flawless, implement these five proven strategies:

Show Your Gratitude

Whether you work for a one-person operation or a huge multinational corporation, some personal, heartfelt gratitude goes a long way. After all, people buy from people, not just a faceless company. Whether you choose to send handwritten notes, emails, cards, or luxury hampers, a prompt and heartfelt follow-up to say thank you is always well received.

Offer After Sales Support

How many times have you purchased something and then struggled to figure out how it works or how to make the most of all of the product’s benefits? After-sales support is a thoughtful approach to ensuring your clients are satisfied with their purchase. 

Are they having any challenges setting it up? Is it performing in the way they expected? Think about the tips and advice you can offer to help them get the most from their purchase. A supported customer is generally a satisfied customer who is more likely to return to you time and time again and recommend you to their friends.

Add Value with Expert Information

Everyone values the people in their professional network who make their life easier. Can you send your clients regular tips on how to use the products and services they have purchased? How about updates on new features or software updates? Industry know-how? 

By giving your expertise away for free, you build trust and establish robust relationships with clients. They will value the knowledge and experience you are offering and come to you first rather than trying out your competitors.

Ask for Feedback

If you are serious about delivering premium customer service and growing your business, feedback is always positive, even when it is negative. Feedback can help you improve any areas where you aren’t quite up to scratch and give you deeper insight into how you differ from your competitors. Asking people for feedback also makes them feel valued and important, which goes a long way when building relationships with clients. 

To ensure the sales team doesn’t get busy and forget this vital step, it might be worth setting up an automated email that goes to every customer after a sale, asking them to answer a few quick questions. Remember to make it as quick and easy as possible for them to complete as this will improve the number of responses you receive.

Ask for a Customer Testimonial

Another way you can maximize the benefit of satisfied customers is to ask them for a customer testimonial. Independent third parties are always a more trustworthy source of information than someone who works for the company and has a vested interest in making a sale. You can put written or video testimonials to use on your website, on your social media pages, or in customer presentations to support your pitch to potential new customers.

How is your company tracking when it comes to client follow-up? Do you get consistent five-star reviews, or do you need to put in a little more time and effort? We would love to hear how you went using any of the above tips.

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