How you can use Quora to find more potential readers for your blog?

Blogging is fun.The whole concept of creating a blog, and managing everything on and about it from design to distribution is appealing to many. It might appear easy or effortless to readers at first. Bloggers know the hard work and commitment that goes into blogging.

Creating the best content ever, everytime you sit to write a new blog post, isn’t even the toughest part. There is so much more to it.

The web has around 164 million blogs. Most of these blogs fall on their faces, failing to get more than a 1,000 visitors in a month. Well, for some it would be a decent number. Experts and webmasters might consider it appreciable too. The fact is, it is appreciable. But for how long can a blog like that live? Would you as a blog owner not want to get more and more visitors everytime you publish?

Obviously you would! And what do you think are the ways to do so? You might have heard or read webmasters talking about using forums, question answer blogs, websites like Reddit and Quora for driving quality traffic to a website. Well, did you ever try that?

Quora is an amazing place for finding more potential readers for your blog. Let’s see how you can make it happen.

How to use Quora to find more potential readers for your blog?

Leaving the other simple question answer platform setups behind, Quora has always been steps ahead.

Quora lets you target your question to specific users. You can even Quora to publish any form of content, just as on Linkedin. And apart from all of this, you can even search for topics and questions relating to your business. This way you can learn more and also participate in discussions or answer questions relating to your niche, or field of interest.

But how is that going to help you drive traffic to your website?

Writing quality answers with detailed information on Quora gets more and more readers to know about you. When a reader reads your answer and finds it helpful there can be two ways for the user to reach your blog.

  1. If you have mentioned your blog’s link in your answer, telling people to refer to it for more in-depth information
  2. If only your Quora profile has a link to your blog

Now, if you add a link to your blog in the answer itself, the readers can directly visit your blog. While if your blog’s link is there only in the profile bio, your answer will have to be so good that the reader gets interested enough to reach out to your profile and thus visit your blog.

Once that is done, the rest depends on how good your blog is. If the visitors find your blog useful, they might become regular readers, and might even subscribe to your newsletter. While, a blog which doesn’t interest them, will just observe a higher than usual bounce rate.

But is it all that easy? To drive traffic to your blog using Quora, your answers need to be really interesting or at least informative. If you are not being useful, you will not be read. Also, there are a few settings that you should be aware of.

Read below to find out some of the best ways to optimize Quora for getting more blog traffic.

Epic ways to use Quora for getting more Blog Traffic

As discussed above, Quora is a great platform for developing a reader base for your blog. If you are serving quality, chances are you will achieve goals with Quora. Still, talking of ways to optimize Quora for getting the most out of it, here are some Epic ways which will help you drive blog traffic from Quora.

1. Optimize your Quora profile

The first thing that you need to do on Quora is set up your profile in a way that it appears the best and performs the best. Quora is about helping and being helped.

Mentioning your area of interest, and knowledge will be a good idea. This will let readers know what they can ask you about. After all the whole idea is to be able to help more readers put their trust in you, and hence visit your blog.

Don’t forget to add your other social media profiles and blog or website links in the profile bio. Doing this will also get you a Nofollow backlink, if that concerns you.

2. Activity is the key

If you are trying to drive more web traffic from Quora, it is really important to stay active. You can’t and shouldn’t be spending your life on the web for that. What you can do is try to be as active as you can be.

This will just mean that you are active in your niche and when a question is being asked, you answer is as quick as you can. This will develop a sense of reliance among other readers.

Also, being the first answer or one of the first few answers will mean that you are eliminating competition quit easily.

3. Ask interesting questions

Have you ever thought how cool would it be to get Barack Obama to answer your question on Quora? On March 25, 2014 Barack Obama answered a question asked on Quora.

If an interesting question made the President of the United States, write an answer on Quora, there is no reason why your interesting question will go unnoticed. So, give it a thought and ask some of the most interesting questions which attract more readers and make them answer.

You can also participate in the discussions if there are any. Upvoting any good answers on your question will also be an addon for your reputation on Quora.

4. Use Quora Search toolbar

If you really want to drive traffic to your blog through Quora, you can make use of the Quora Search toolbar for that. Wondering how?

Search option on Quora can help you know which is the most asked question. Now according to the popularity of the question, and the density of answers, you can figure out if you can compete and if it is feasible to compete for that question. And if it seems feasible, you know what your next blog post should be about.

Creating blog posts according to users’ interest on Quora and sharing it in answers is a great way of driving potential readers to your blog.

5. Answer questions which have been indexed by Google

If you have a blog, the best source of traffic is the Search engine. You might even be aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Quora also gets a good share of its web traffic from Search Engines.

Even while searching the web with some queries, you too might have seen pages from Quora ranking in the SERPs. This is just simple SEO. Quora holds good authority, and when the content is really good on a page on Quora, search engines index the page and push it up in the rankings.

You can make good use of it. Answering questions which have been indexed by search engines and are ranking in SERPs will get you more readers both for your Quora answers, and your blog posts.

Final words

Quora can be a great source of quality of web traffic for your blog. No matter what niche you are working in, you can always make good use of this platform. Indulge more in discussions, and respond as quick and good as possible.

Building a good reputation on Quora can take some time, but once it is done, you can enjoy the influence that you have earned. Also, the traffic that you will get on your blog from Quora will be of good quality. The readers will actually be interested in knowing about your work and to read your blog posts.

And as the competition on the web is always increasing, the best thing to do is go out and implement what you just learned.

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