Impress Clients With Unique Gift Ideas And Promote Your Business

Organizations no longer work in the traditional work culture where employees rigorously work in a 9 to 5 job without expecting any reward or bonus. HR and managers now do a lot to build connections among employees and strengthen their relationships with clients. A personalized corporate gift is a perfect way to thank your employees for their hard work.

Depending on your business, you can select the type of gift you want to present. But, one should remember that your gifts represent your brand and views. When offering a present to a valuable client, you must look for a branded and high-end gift. This will increase your brand value, and it may work out as a marketing factor that your client will consider for new projects. The right gift at the right time is an ideal marketing factor. 

So, deciding a unique gift that is best for your employees, clients, and as well as meets the marketing requirements is a tough choice. So, here are some tactics you can use to create a custom gift and make the recipient happy

Unique Gifts That Market Your Business

Working With Tagline: Each company has its logo and tagline that defines it. It is their motto and vision that withstands in adversities. A unique gift idea that will make the employees happy is to couple the company’s tagline with employees performance. Like you can gift an engraved pen or a mug with words like “We believe in delivering excellence, and that’s what you offered us.” Found it perfect, this line appreciates the employee performance as well as shows the company’s vision. A black colored pen with golden imprints will give it an aesthetic look.

Do Not Advertise: Many organizations make the mistake of printing logo on the gifts. It simply denotes that your purpose was to advertise and not to compliment. It was only a promotional gift and didn’t value the employee. This could work opposite to what you expected. If you are in an industrial or manufacturing business, then gifting specific color of tees, caps, hoodies, jackets, tops will create your brand value. Know how cricket teams are recognized by their jersey color. You can adopt the same strategy and market your product.

Offer Practical Use Gifts: Momentos and medals are a great honor. Corporate companies should keep in mind that their employees and clients will prefer gifts that are suitable and useful for them. These gifts will constantly remind the employees for their achievements and motivate them to work better. Your clients will use these gifts in daily life, which creates a strong affiliation between both of you. You can consider gifting desk caddies, desk clocks, bookmarks, office stationery, or a small decorative item that reflects your company’s image. 

Right Time To Gift: It is good to reward your employees with gifts at the time of the Christmas holidays, and they will love it. However, what about presenting it when they have not expected it. A surprise gift creates a profound impact on your employees and creates a good impression. They will show off gifts to friends and family, which ultimately build your reputation and increases your reach. 

Moreover, it is good to send gifts to existing clients when you are planning to launch a new product or starting a service. 

One thing to always keep in mind is that the recipient not only looks at the gift but also your choice and how he/she thinks about you. So a personalized branded gift creates an ever-lasting impression that your clients will never forget and will definitely praise your efforts.

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