Merry Marketing – 5 Tasteful Corporate Gifts to Make Your Clients Smile in 2019

Picking out Christmas presents was quite a feat, right? Unfortunately, if you’re in business, your shopping days aren’t over. In 2019 giving tasteful corporate gifts could be the key to business success. Not quite sure how to use this network and marketing tactic? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered this year.

Why is This Important?

You want many business stakeholders to see you in the best light this year. Instead of spending hours on talking to them, a simple, thoughtful gift could share your message clearer than you think:

  • Employees: Corporate gifts given to employees will make them feel appreciated. When teams feel valued their productivity rises.
  • Clients: Help potential clients remember who you are. Picking the right gift won’t seem like manipulation. Rather, it will strengthen a relationship.
  • Partners: Giving high-end gifts shows your company’s value of professionalism. Additionally, saying thank you is essential in all business relationships, as it communicates that you value your counterpart’s role in your business.

All this corporate giving is one part of building relationships based on trust. Now, what do you pick?

5 Gifts to Use in 2019

On the Desk

If your goal is to be noticed and not to let your new networking partner forget about you, make sure you’re on his or her desk every day. A stylish compendium or notebook not only becomes a functional item but picking an attractive design shows you value aesthetics. Meanwhile, your logo emblazoned across the front keeps your brand front-of-mind. See how easy it is to communicate your priorities to someone else?

On the Road

Another way to place your name and brand within view of valued clients is a reusable coffee cup. A travel mug can be used for almost any drink, so you don’t have to know the individual’s preferences. This is also a smart option if you need to buy in bulk for budget reasons.

Match Their Lifestyle?

If it IS someone whose habits and lifestyle you know, don’t be afraid to get personal. A gift that reflects their values, interests or lifestyle can make a fabulous impression. A cheese board or wine accessories for the food and wine connoisseur or auto products for the car enthusiast can prove you don’t merely care about the bottom line, but the people involved in your projects.

An Experience They’ll Never Forget

Of course, people don’t simply remember them. They also value experiences. Service providers today offer interesting experience gift vouchers. Once again you can make sure it aligns with the individual’s interests:

  • Extreme sports
  • Autosports
  • Time in nature
  • A balloon ride

The recipients can book when it suits their schedules, or invite them along on a trip with you to create time to build your relationship.

Go Green

Communicating your corporate values, priorities and character is paramount. In today’s world of environmental consciousness, show clients or employees you care by giving:

  • Items from recycled plastic
  • Products manufactured in environmentally friendly factories
  • Gifts that help you minimize your carbon footprint or water consumption

Putting this much thought into a gift doesn’t serve as a suggestion that you value the environment as much as your client does; It proves it.

We’ve included a wide range of gifts because here’s the magic rule: Don’t give everyone the same gift. Matching a gift with someone’s personality or lifestyle is a surefire way to make the best impression.

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