Moving Homes? Make It Less Stressful By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Moving away can be emotionally and physically tiring, especially when you have to move to a new city or country. Moving far away is more stressful than moving just a few blocks away to a new home. Planning your move months in advance can help ease the packing and moving stress at the last minute. But we all make mistakes that lead to a stressful moving day. Here are some of the common mistakes we all make when moving homes and how to avoid them.

1.Packing everything and anything

Moving homes is the perfect opportunity to declutter your lives of things that you haven’t used for a long time and will probably not use ever again. However, in the rush of moving away and packing, we end up packing and moving with everything and anything that we have, whether it’s usable or not. This leads to junk being transferred from one home to another and ending up in the storage space of the new home. It takes up unnecessary space in the storage container you hire for moving homes and doesn’t serve any utilitarian purpose.

To avoid cluttering your new home, start sorting out everything that you have and make piles of things that you haven’t used for more than three months because chances are that you are not going to use it ever. Throw out or sell off all things that you haven’t used so that you are only taking with you the decluttered lot.

  1. Last Minute Packing

A stressful moving day is the result of procrastination. So if you know that you are lazy and love to procrastinate, then you better get started on your packing and moving weeks or months in advance, depending on how much you have to pack in how much time. The key to packing in advance, so that you don’t stress at the last minute, is to start with all the things that are not necessary for your daily needs. For example, start with your home decor items, then move on to clothes of the next season, then get your books packed and leave items of the kitchen, toiletries and daily wear for the last day so that you have enough of these to survive till the last day of moving.

  1. Saving Money

While it’s good to save money at all times in your life, when you’re moving away, be ready to shell out some bucks for a convenient and safe movement of your things. A lot of people try and do all the packing and moving on their own, so that they can save on the help from professional packers and movers. However, in such cases the risk of your things getting damaged is higher and this is more stressful and tiring because you are doing everything on your own. To make the transition of moving homes easier and smoother, you can hire shipping containers in Queensland and let them move your home for you. You’ll save a lot of time of packing, moving and be guaranteed a safe move to your new home, with all your things intact.

  1. Inventory and Labels

If you’re not maintaining an inventory of what’s inside each of the boxes, you’re going to have a very hard time unpacking and setting up your new home. You might end up opening the box of toiletries in your kitchen, the box of home decor items in the bathroom and more such situations will arise if you’re not labelling each of your boxes and maintaining an inventory of all things packed. So make sure you are supervising each of the boxes being packed and making a list of each of them along the way.


If you manage to avoid all of these common mistakes while moving homes, you’ll have an easier time packing, moving, unpacking and setting up your new home. So keep these points in mind to make your moving away days a little less stressful and happier.

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