Remote Revolution – 5 Ways that Remote Working is Helping Businesses Thrive

If you’ve seen the price of office space lately, you might be looking for another option. After all, why should you spend hundreds of dollars on a space you don’t necessarily need to occupy? If your business is not one you need to base from any particular area, then you may wish to look at working remotely. However, making a move from a physical location to a virtual one can be a big decision to make, and you may need a push to make it happen. Here are a few reasons why working remotely may help your business to thrive.

You Get the Benefits of a Physical Location

Did you know that you can work remotely, but your existing and future customers don’t need to know? If you work from home but try out a virtual office service, your customers can still get the illusion that you work from a prestigious business address – even if you’re in your living room still in your pajamas. A virtual office enables you to use a professional phone number and address, with a reception and mail-forwarding services available, so you receive all correspondence relating to your business. The only difference is, you’re not paying for a physical space.


The price of office space in major cities is rising dramatically, and it can take its toll on your bottom line. In the country’s capital, you can pay as much as $600, if not more, per-square-foot. If you are a small business or one that’s struggling to thrive, such high costs can be a drain on your finances leading to disaster. Remotely working means you can bypass those high costs and instead work from wherever you like. You can be sunning yourself on the beaches of a remote island with a laptop in-hand, or working from your living room. In either instance, you’re not worrying about office rent, maintenance, utilities, and upkeep.

Work-Life Balance

Working remotely, instead of in an office complex from nine to five means you can benefit from a far better work-life balance. For many people, that’s worth more than money. You can take the kids to sports practice, help them with their homework, and even save money on childcare as well. Given that remote working means you can work anywhere, you’re able to spend time with family and friends while making a living at the same time.

No Commuting

Even though the average commute time in the United States is only a little over 25 minutes, that doesn’t account for the hours you can spend in traffic during peak travel times. What if you could avoid the rat race altogether? Stay in your pajamas and put the car in the garage. Working with remote access means you don’t even have to exit the house — the less time you spend in your car, the more time you have for work and socializing.

Staff Versatility

When the time comes to hire staff to help share your workload, you will find a remote working setup works in your favor. You can attract a wider pool of job applicants – those who may like the same work-life balance as you. You can even hire workers from other countries, potentially cutting costs as well.

Working remotely benefits your bottom dollar as well as your happiness. If you’re still chained to a physical location, spending money like it’s going out of fashion, then it might be time to weigh up your options. Working remotely with a virtual office may be the best decision you ever make.

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