Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

How do I long-click?

Hover the mouse over any word and click; hold down the button a little longer than you normally would and don't move the mouse for a second. A small 'loading' icon will appear and the Curiyo window will pop up!

Where do you get your content?

We use trusted sources available on the Web, such as Wikipedia, Who2, Wordnik, and Wiktionary, but notice that Curiyo also brings you dynamic information, in context, by subject—from sources such as Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo Finance, Google News and Images.

How can I share a particular Curiyo topic?

Use the share button on the top of the Curiyo pop up. Choose how you'd like to share and send the Curiyo topic to your friends and networks.

Where is the mobile app?

It's coming soon! Stay tuned…

Installation Questions

Which browsers do you support?

Use Curiyo on any of these browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

A full list of supported browser versions can be found here.

Is this download safe?

We work hard to make our product safe, kind to your computer, and to fight against malware and viruses. Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How do I clear the browser's "cache"?

Sometimes it is worth clearing your browser's cache to alleviate some display problems. Here is a good source for How to Clear Your Browser's Cache.

How can I uninstall the Curiyo extension from my browser?

It's simple, though we're sorry to see you go. Go to your browser's Options, click Extensions or Add-ons, and uninstall Curiyo. Need support? Get in touch with us using our Contact page.