Effective Automation – 5 Everyday Processes Small Businesses Should Automate

Running a small business isn’t easy. You’re probably wearing multiple hats, and this can lead to feeling stressed and overworked. While you can’t make all your troubles magically disappear, you can ease the burden on your time and resources by automating some of your everyday processes. Today, we’re exploring how to do exactly that.

Paying the Bills

The first thing you’re going to want to automate is paying the bills. Not only can this be quite stressful to manage, but it’s also crucial to the running of your business. The room for error is practically non-existent. 

That’s why we suggest investing in some quality AP automation. By automating the accounts payable arm of your business, you can completely remove the stress of this section, leaving you with time and resources to direct into other areas.

Software and Security 

The next automation that we suggest is one that will help you keep on top of your software and security. While telling your operating system to update itself whenever it needs to and keeping the latest version of your preferred antivirus software installed is great for those who only deal with a single device, it can get a little messy if there are multiple people working across several computers. 

By outsourcing the management of this part of your business to a company that specializes in small business IT support, you can effectively automate the process and reduce your stress. 

Posting to Socials

Now that you’ve got two major operational factors looking after themselves, it’s time to turn your attention to customer-facing automation. Posting to social media can be time-consuming, especially when your audience is most likely to engage outside of business hours. By linking your social accounts up with a scheduling program, you can quickly and easily send posts live at any time of day, with little to no effort. 

All platforms allow scheduling of basic posts without any user intervention at the time. If you’re posting something a little more complex, you’ll most likely just need to respond to push notifications and tap a couple of buttons. 

Customer Onboarding

You’ve probably heard all about the importance of collecting warm leads in the form of a mailing list, but what you may not have explored is automating an EDM welcome sequence. While most EDM platforms will prompt you to create an initial welcome email that will go to users who join your list, creating a more complex introductory sequence almost always provides better results. 

With automation on most platforms, there really is no reason why you should be having to segment and email your customer base manually. Look into the options available with your current platform, and if they don’t meet your needs, don’t be afraid to switch.

Website Analytics and Tracking

Finally, there’s no point in making improvements across your digital presence if you’re unable to measure their success. For this reason, if you haven’t already got an analytics platform synced with your website, it’s time to connect one. Being able to understand the demographic profile and behavior of website visitors is vital to leveling up your business, and a platform that automatically collects and sorts this data will make your life a whole lot easier.

These automation options should help you run your business far more efficiently and can be powerful secret weapons in your quest for success. Now that you know the scope of what you can achieve, it’s time to start automating.

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