How to Use Video Content to Increase Engagement on Your WordPress Blog

Video marketing is hot. It’s one of the most popular marketing methods used today. Just as the name implies, video marketing involves the use of video to advertise what you offer.

It doesn’t matter if you are experienced with video marketing, or if you are a complete newb, learn more about using video to increase engagement on your WordPress website here.

Keep in mind, when you use WordPress, you have to consider several factors. One is the video content you post (more below) another important is the WordPress theme you choose. If necessary, work with a third-party professional to learn more.

Create Original Content

When you create original and authentic video content and embed different videos into your blog posts, it will increase post engagement. Some of the different types of content you should consider posting include:

  •       Client testimonials and reviews
  •       How-tos and tutorials
  •       Vlogs
  •       Video summaries
  •       About Us videos

When you include original content in your blog posts, readers will be much more likely to engage with the posts. With original videos, you can tell a story. If you become a master storyteller for your brand, product, or service, and begin creating quality and compelling content, viewers will be much more likely to share, comment, and like it. This is the end goal of creating videos and using them in your blogs, anyway.

Keep Your Videos Under Two Minutes

If you want to use videos to increase engagement with your blogs, be sure you create short videos and to the point. Shorter videos are going to see more engagement than longer ones. According to one study, the highest level of engagement is seen when your videos are only two minutes long. You may think that two-minute videos are too short for all the information you want to include. However, you should not worry about going too in-depth or explaining everything about the topic. When you use videos in your blog posts, its purpose is to complement the information, not cover the entire post.  

Use YouTube for Hosting Videos

There are two basic ways you can host your video content online. You can put it on your own website, or you can host it on YouTube. The best option for most WordPress sites is to host on YouTube before embedding them in your blog.

With WordPress, it is simple to embed your YouTube videos. All you have to do is access the backend of your website, and when you are ready to attach visual media, you can paste the URL of the video you plan to attach, and it will show up on your post.

When this is done properly, YouTube can help you generate a lot of views.

Using Video for Increasing Engagement

When it comes to using video to increasing engagement, there is no question it works. While this is true, you still need to take the right steps to ensure that no serious problems arise. When you do this, you can feel confident you will get the desired results from your video efforts. 

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