10 WordPress Plugins Developers Can’t Live Without

A blog needs to be optimized properly to get more traffic and rank high in search engines. In short, it needs to be both search-engine friendly and reader-friendly. One of the reasons why I prefer WordPress over other blogging platforms is that it has a massive library of plugins that can add extra value to your blog. With these, there’s no need for you to learn complex SEO tactics. Everything is done by a simple click or two.

Here are my top 10 WordPress plugins that I believe are essential to your blog’s success.

1. Akismet – This plugin serves as a spamblocker. There are a lot of trolls out there who keep flooding unrelated/spam comments to your blogs. This plugin takes care of them.

2. Platinum SEO Pack – This plugin makes it super easy to add some “SEO” stuff to your blogs. All in One SEO Pack is an alternative.

3Google Analytics for WordPress – This plugin lets you track your visitors, where they coming from and some other details that you may need in your online marketing campaign. This is a must for serious marketers.

4. Google XML Sitemaps – This plugins makes it easier for search engines to index your blog. If you want to be seen in search engines fast, get this.

5. W3 Total Cache – This plugin simply speeds up your blog. You can play around with the settings. If you have a blog, you don’t want to frustrate your readers with a long loading time, do you?

6. Prettylink – I use this plugin to shrink, track and share my affiliate URLs. This is one of my favorites.

7. LinkWithin – This plugin adds links of your previous blog posts at the end of a blog post. This encourages readers to stay longer on your site as they can read your previous posts related to what they’re reading.

8Digg Digg – Another essential plugin. This puts all those cool little share buttons on every blog post. It also gives you a list of several social media sites that you may want to share the post to and displays the number of times the post has been shared.

9. FasterIM Opt-In – Another one of my favorites. This plugin adds a cool opt-in form that appears in the form of a popup. If you visit my homepage, you’ll know what I mean. This plugin has dramatically increased opt-ins to my list. Did I mention that it’s free?

10WP Greet Box – This plugin basically greets every visitor depending on where they found your blog post. If they found your site in Google, a message pops up saying something like “Welcome Googler…” You also have an option to edit the messages. This adds personal touch to your blog. There are some other plugins that I use but what I listed here are the most essential ones to help you get started. If you know of a great plugin that you can suggest, feel free to comment at the end of this post. I’m looking forward to try them myself and see what they do.

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