Healthy Holidays: 5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Habits During the 2022 Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time for socializing, relaxing, enjoying festive activities, and of course, filling your face with all the good stuff. Pies, mashed potato, chocolate, sweets, drinks, pastries – it’s like an endless conveyor belt of deliciousness. Unfortunately, all that indulgence can leave us feeling bloated and heavy in the new year.  If […]

Sans Surgery – 5 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Look Without Going Under the Knife

There is no avoiding it, our body ages when we don’t want it to. The medical field has risen to the challenge and responded with plastic surgery options such as facelifts to tighten skin and remove wrinkles. However, plastic surgery can go wrong, and when it does, it can be irreversible. It can also be […]

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