Key Benefits of a Digital Customer Engagement Platform

Modern, forward-thinking brands need digital, omnichannel customer interaction platforms. It is time to make investments to ensure your clients remain ahead of their competition. There has been a shift in the way that brands approach customer engagement. With the rise of the “everything customer” who demands bespoke service with amazing, memorable experiences, your clients need […]

Strategy Playbook for Digital Agencies

Although digital marketing campaigns can be expensive, they are vital. It might not be easy to grow your business without a strong online presence. You won’t be able to optimize your efforts unless you have a solid strategy for digital marketing. For optimization, you need to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI), just like traditional […]

Top Video Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

While many things have changed, the passion for entertainment has not. Only the format is different. While reading novels were popular in 1800s England, people today prefer to watch online videos. Statista reports that 27.2% spend 10 hours a week watching online videos. 61% of marketers use online videos as a digital marketing tool because of their […]

Social Media Reporting Tools Best for Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can use social media reporting tools to monitor their marketing efforts. Your long-term strategy will be improved by regular reporting on social media performance. Let’s start by explaining what a social media report is. Social media reports are documents that show and gather real-time data from social media. These reports show how different […]

Referral Marketing Trends to Increase Your Customer Base

All the statistics about referral marketing have been confirmed after reviewing a report that included data from over 2,000 referral programs and more than 100,000 customer referrals. Referral programs are more than just a channel for customer acquisition. They allow businesses to harness the power of word-of-mouth referrals. Referral programs are the fastest-growing marketing channel. […]

Google Ads Enhanced Conversions Explained

With the new user-led privacy policies, such as GDPR, and the imminent phasing-out of third-party cookies, it will be harder for consumers to track their activity across multiple touchpoints on many unique devices. Google, however, has joined the race with Amazon and Facebook, and launched its revolutionary software, Enhanced Conversions. Google Ads Consultants, as well […]

4 Steps to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Now that you’ve typed “Best Digital Marketing Agencies” into Google, what do you do? How can you determine which agency is right for your business and what are the best options? Here is an easy checklist to help you evaluate potential partners in digital marketing agencies. When deciding where to invest your marketing capital, make […]

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