A guide on Marketing Above and Below the Line

Where should you invest your marketing budget To create awareness and build brand-building through above-the-line advertising, including billboards, print, and on-air? Below-the-line marketing methods like telemarketing (a traditional method) and mailshots to personalize and convert. Understanding what works best for your business is important before making snap decisions. This Koozai visual, which shows how ATL/BTL works, will help […]

Digital Marketing Strategy Through Competitor Research

You need to do many things to be the go-to company in your industry. These include better understanding your customers, providing the right content, and digging down to the strategic level with a digital agency that provides custom growth stacks to each client. One of the many tasks that can help businesses refine their digital marketing strategies […]

On a weekly basis I receive emails from Inkluded followers looking for a tattooist in the same county as them, that specialises in the style they want. Whilst the blogs I create on this site can help inspire and influence your tattoo decisions, Inkluded has always been lacking an online search function for potential tattoo […]

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