Happy & Healthy: 6 Tips for Creating a Positive & Productive Office Environment

Nurturing a happy and healthy working space where your employees feel valued can bring many benefits. When your employees feel happier and more motivated, your business should see better productivity and lower staff turnover. 

To help you invest in your business and your employees, here are six tips for creating a positive and productive office environment: 

  • Keep It Clean

Now, more than ever, hygiene in the workplace is paramount. So it makes sense to provide employees with a clean and pleasant workspace at all times.

If you rent your office long-term, regular professional cleaning is a really good way to ensure that it is fresh and dirt-free when your employees come in every day. Alternatively, utilize professionally managed serviced office suites for better flexibility, great rates, and exceptional levels of cleanliness. 

  • Encourage More Movement 

Exercise can instantly boost your mood, and over the long-term, it can drastically improve your sense of wellness, your ability to get restful sleep, and so much more. It’s no surprise that it directly impacts your team if they aren’t getting optimal levels of movement. 

It makes a lot of sense to encourage exercise for a more positive and productive environment. You can do this by offering free or discounted gym memberships, company-sponsored wellness sessions, and other supportive perks.

  • Embrace and Encourage a Diverse Workplace

Diversity is crucial when it comes to workplace positivity. In fact, over three-quarters of job seekers see it as an important factor when considering different job offers. 

There are multiple routes to developing workplace inclusion and diversity, but it usually starts with doing plenty of research, educating your management team, and listening to what your employees and potential candidates have to say. 

  • Encourage Great Mental Health

Mental health issues are far more common than most people realize. You could have employees encountering mental health challenges whilst they are working for you, and if you don’t have the right resources available to them, you may never know that they’re struggling. In turn, this can impact their ability to do their job well or maintain good attendance.

You can help to keep the workplace more positive by actively encouraging employees to express themselves. Let them know that they can discuss their mental health without fear of being shamed. Furthermore, ensure you have support services in place, whether that is with health insurance benefits, mental health resource lists, or workplace counseling programs. 

  • Get the Workplace Layout Right

A recent study revealed that open-plan offices are actually quite toxic. However, since COVID-19, the open-plan route was the best way forward for many businesses who were struggling to get offices up and running again safely. 

While open-plan isn’t ideal, excessive segregation can have a similarly negative impact on the company, just in different ways. 

The best thing to do is create a bespoke layout that suits the culture you want to foster. For most workspaces, this means a mixture of areas, including shared hot desking, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and private offices. 

  • Communicate 

Approximately 9 out of 10 business leaders feel that poor communication contributes to issues with productivity, morale, and growth within their company. By investing in better communication across your entire company – with an emphasis on top-down communication – you can enhance your work environment in many different ways. 

“How do you change the world? Bring people together. Where is the easiest big place to bring people together? In the work environment.” – Adam Neumann

With a few simple tweaks and a lot of dedication to cultivating a collaborative, inclusive, diverse, and healthy environment, you’re sure to see a lot of success within your team and across your business. 

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