Digital Voice: Double-Up Your Online Presence With Voice Search Optimization

Now it’s no longer a secret how businesses have flourished by shaking hands with digital marketing. The internet has helped organizations to reach new heights of success, and for some, the internet is business. Facebook, Google is the top tech giants that showed the world how digital marketing could flourish businesses. High rank on google page generates more organic traffic to the website that increases the conversion rate of customers and ultimately leads to more profit. But, with so many competitors in the market, agencies providing marketing services face extreme challenges to rank page on the search engine results page. 

Added to this, frequent changes in web content rules and rapidly increasing technology has made digital marketing more challenging. For example, users now prefer voice- search instead of typing in the search bar. Now the content strategists have to design the web-page in a way that can be understood by voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana or more.  As per a report, nearly half of the searches will be made through a voice search by 2020. So, marketing agencies should focus on optimizing the voice search to give their clients effective results that are relevant to customers. It’s not only limited to using software to get keywords and using them in content. 

What is Voice Search?

Voice Search is an alternative to the traditional way of typing in the search bar here one speaks in a device, and the transmitted audio is analyzed by speech recognition technology to give results. But the way we speak differs the way we type. Like if someone is looking for a hotel, he will type ‘best hotels in Melbourne’ but when speaking one will say ‘Can you show me the best hotels in Melbourne’. So, a web-page with voice-search friendly content will rank top in SERP, and it becomes essential.

Innovative Ways to Get The Best Results Through Voice Search

Brainstorm for Voice Search Keywords: Keywords have always been the top priority of digital marketers. They are simply the phrases user type to get the result. With voice-search, the keywords become long-tail and more personalized. Like ‘How Can I Gain Weight’, here the users don’t speak like they write ‘tips to gain weight’.  There are many tools and software available that can help with the voice-keyword search. Moreover, professionals can focus on the ‘People Also Ask’ section that appears in the search results to get question ideas. Browse on shopping websites and go to the section ‘People Also Look for’, ‘Items Bought Together’. 

Focus on Local Searches: Nearly 22% of searches made, show you local results. Optimize web content for local searches. It’s like when you develop the content for mobile web browsers. Emphasize on business hours, distance, speciality. Like how we write the business listings for Google My Business Page. Make sure your website page has content like ‘near me’, ‘open now’, ‘closed on weekends’. As now most of the voice-searches are made via mobile, tablets, your business develops more chances to be noticeable if it has optimized voice-search. 

Use Rich Snippets: People look out for short, informative and precise answers. Content developers start with the introduction and then move to describe the main objectives of product or service. To make your page rank higher for voice-search include featured blocks and rich snippets in the page writing engaging and concise content. 

You can plan to use headings as questions with H2. Easily readable content with long-tail keywords and bullets is identified by Google quickly. Moreover, it builds your brand reputation. Like when voice search on Google, it starts with ‘According to ——–’. So if the blank has your brand name, it will reach out to more customers.

Website Structure: Plan a site structure and focus that the sections from top to bottom are related to one another in some way. Organized structured data helps the browser read it quickly and efficiently.  Make sure your website loads quickly, images and files are optimized, and the server has a low response time. 

Voice commands have a significant impact on search results and websites with friendly, personalized web-pages, tends to rank higher. Implementing these strategies while looking to the future developments will keep the site on-top, driving more clicks and more profit. 

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