Executive Insights: Virtual Learning through Webinars

During the current global COVID-19 pandemic, we all have had our fair share of virtual events.

This element of digital transformation is now ubiquitous, whether it’s Zoom meetings or physical events that are pushed online via webinars and virtual events.

It’s easy to forget webinars are only 25 years old. The Internet and the World Wide Web have created the technology and venue for online events.

I recall participating in one of the first webinars at Compaq back in the late 1990s. Although the technology was primitive, it was essentially “talking heads” in a conference call supported by visuals. We’ve come a long way!

Webinars are becoming more critical than ever. The “new reality” has accelerated digital transformation. Webinars are an essential component of the marketing toolkit for delivering events and engaging with customers at a time when we can’t do in-person physical events.

The “webinar Kool-Aid” was something I used to drink long ago. SAP Marketing was one of the first to adopt webinars. We hosted many webinar events online, which provided excellent lead generation and awareness for our field marketing teams and regional teams.

You must be an early adopter and learn quickly. Networking with peers, attending events, and learning from other subject matter experts (SMEs) is a great ways to learn.

Jaime Allison Snyder is a Senior Marketing Specialist at RSM. This company focuses on mid-market tax, audit, and consulting services.

Jaime and her team developed a webinar program that impressed me. I first met Jaime at an ON24 Webinar World conference in 2008. Jaime managed a highly scalable webinar program at RSM, hosting more than 200 webinars each year. It also features substantial knowledge transfer and value through continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

It was a pleasure meeting Jaime recently and talking about the state of webinars and online events and how digital transformation shapes virtual education and training.

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