Four Lean and Mean Growth Marketing Strategies For Small SaaS Businesses

Any business can need help to reach the next level of growth.

SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies may find it more daunting.

It is essential to be creative and cost-efficient. You only sometimes have all the resources you need to develop growth marketing strategies.

It is important to think small and mean. We have compiled a list of actionable strategies to assist any SaaS company that wants to increase growth with minimal investment.

Quick Takeaways

Small businesses can spend a little money to drive growth.

Instead of wasting your time, invest in things that will yield dividends for many years.

Organic SEO, content marketing, and social media are the best growth strategies.

There’s no one-size-fits-all.

There is no one-size fits all marketing strategy for small businesses. One method that works well for one SaaS company might not work for another. While some proven, fundamental strategy work, you will need to consider how these can be applied to your software and your target audience as you browse our list. Marketing is great because you can try new strategies before you launch your campaign.

Organic SEO is the key focus.

SEO is a fundamental marketing growth hack. SEO is about creating quality, optimized content that you can use consistently to win. While paid ads may give you an extra boost, the real value comes when your organic search results are on the first page of Google. Why is organic SEO so important? Let’s take a look at some statistics from Brightedge Research.

These are some impressive numbers. So how do you get involved in the search action? Content marketing is a critical factor in organic SEO rankings. Content marketing is essential to ensure that your content contains keywords relevant to your audience’s search terms. These are the foundational elements that you need to develop.

Keyword master list: This list contains all keywords you rank for and will rank for. This includes both organic and paid competition, as well as monthly search volume. Every 30 days, monitor for movement to determine MOM (month-over-month) growth.

A content plan that identifies keywords that align with exciting and relevant topics to your audience.

Search rank tools: To track rank changes and get stats on keywords, you’ll need to use a platform such as SEMRush. This will allow you to discover trending keywords. For an SEO checklist, see the video below.

Organic SEO goes beyond what you see on a page. Technical aspects include URL formatting, meta descriptions, and alt tags. It is also essential to use off-site SEO. It involves back links from high-quality sites.

Engage in Content Marketing

Without content, organic SEO will not drive more traffic. Content marketing is a critical component of any growth marketing strategy. The SaaS market can be a highly competitive area for content marketing. There are still many opportunities to reach and convert customers.

Your brand reaps many benefits from content marketing. Content marketing builds trust and spotlights your thought leadership. It also delivers measurable ROI. What do you need to use in content marketing? According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), only a few percent of B2B businesses have a content strategy.

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