Fun & Frugal: 5 Surprisingly Enjoyable Ways To Save Money

There are plenty of boring ways to save money. Stop spending, invest your spare change, or give it to your mom for safekeeping. But what about saving money in ways you can still enjoy? 

Using fun and helpful financial apps, buying nontoxic cookware that lasts longer than the cheap stuff, and growing your own herbs are just a few of the enjoyable ways to save money we have in store for you today!

1. Find free things to do

We all love a bit of adventure, but constantly going out gets expensive. Worse still, if you’re worried about your dwindling savings account, it’s difficult to enjoy those costly outings. 

Thankfully, there’s an easy answer – you just have to get creative! You’d be surprised how many free and inexpensive activities your local area has available. A quick Google or Facebook scan will reveal everything within your reach. Local social media groups are also incredibly helpful. 

In general, focus on free outdoor activities. Look for local hikes or historical locations, and bring back the family picnic! Keep an eye out for local farmer’s markets, festivals, flea markets, and park events that are free or inexpensive. 

Your local library is another great resource. They don’t just have books these days. You’ll also find audiobooks, movies, music, and plenty of free activities. 

2. Get Paid To Turn In Your Recycling 

Save the planet while getting paid to turn in your own recycling? What’s not to love? Each state will have its own parameters to follow when turning in your plastics, but this process could help you save money on other essentials. 

Check your area for programs that will offer rewards for advancing a more sustainable lifestyle. Common rewards include grocery store coupons, free magazine subscriptions, and dining vouchers.

Time for a tech upgrade? Look into online electronic trade-in services to save on your next cell phone, laptop, or gaming console purchase. 

3. Use Digital Tracking and Budgeting Apps

If it’s not easy, most folks won’t do it. That’s the beauty of the many great money and budget management apps that can help you organize your accounts, track your spending, and even make payments! 

Several come with credit monitoring assistance and subscription management tools. Most of them are free, easy, and fun to use. These apps are a good place to start:

  • Truebill
  • Pocketguard
  • Mint
  • NerdWallet

4. Grow Your Own Herbs and Produce

Even if you live in a small space or cold environment, you can still grow some of your own herbs and vegetables. Consider starting a wall garden, hydroponic garden, or window garden. If you have the space, go for a small patch in the yard. 

This is a great way to save money on your grocery bill all year long. Choose produce that’s easily frozen or dried to get the most bang for the least buck.

5. Eat At Home

Family mealtimes are a treasured memory for many. Meanwhile, eating out with the whole family can quickly creep up to triple-digit restaurant bills. 

How much more fun would dinner be if the family cooked together instead? Cooking from scratch with good nontoxic cookware is a great way to get the family involved and working together. Throw in that produce you’ve been growing for even more savings and fun!

Get in the habit of meal planning and shopping with a coupon app for more savings. It also pays to buy coffee beans, tea, legumes, rice, and other long-lasting pantry staples in bulk. 

Working with a budget doesn’t have to be a boring chore. Use the tips above to bring some fun into your money-saving endeavors. 

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