How programmatic creativity is the future?

Programmatic creativity is the future of advertising media.

Advertising experts and bloggers agree that programmatic advertising is ‘the next big thing. Here’s a quick overview of programmatic advertising.

Programmatic Advertising is the automated selling and buying of digital advertising space. This eliminates the long-term negotiations between publishers and advertisers. It uses instead

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling digital advertising space.

Programmatic advertisers can leverage ad tech while combining it with strategy and human expertise.

Programmatic is a digital marketing tool that helps to streamline the buying process.

Here are five reasons programmatic creativity is the future in digital advertising.

Reason #1: Programmatic ads have been around for quite some time

No matter how many times programmatic has been used, it isn’t new.

It is actually quite old in internet years.

Since the inception of programmatic advertising, dynamic creative has existed since 2010. Since then, ad agencies have rapidly evolved to take advantage of programmatic technologies. Advertising has been around for more than a decade.

Programmatic dynamic creative was created as a result of new technologies. It uses data, automation and machine learning to create more efficient ads.

Reason #2: Advertisers are already heavily invested in programmatic

Creative advertising is a result of the ever-changing programmatic landscape on the Internet.

Statista estimates that programmatic advertising was worth 129 Billion US Dollars in 2020. This number is expected to rise to 155 billion by 2021.

e-Marketer predicts 88% of US Display Ads by 2021.

Numbers don’t lie. A digital advertising campaign must include programmatic ads if you are to achieve tangible results.

Reason #3: Programmatic creativity is already hyper-relevant

General ads are more relevant than programmatic ads because they are hyper-relevant to the person who is viewing them on their device. This increases conversions but has limitations in terms of the creative elements.

Since the inception of Google AdWords, advertising agencies have been prioritizing relevance optimization. Experts agree that programmatic creativity is maturing, but that the core principles remain the same, even with cutting-edge dynamic creative.

Brands often get smaller advertising budgets and are told to increase results with programmatic creativity. This means that there are still strict limitations on what’s possible.

Reason #4: Programmatic creativity refines existing customer relationships

Programmatic advertising has been a success story for brand advertisers over the past ten years.

Because existing customers are more open to your ad messaging, it’s easier to market directly to them. Personalized creatives and programmatic marketing can help increase customer retention. A Harvard Business School study found that a 5% increase on retention results in a 25-95% increase in profit.

You shouldn’t overlook your existing loyal customers. They’re full of opportunities!

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