Market to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Hosting a successful eCommerce site requires more than “setting it and forgetting”.

Optimizing your website with digital marketing is key to increasing sales. This blog contains marketing tips that will help your business reach its full potential and make the most of its eCommerce platform.

Ecommerce: The Importance of Ecommerce

July 24, 2020 perspective from Stats Canada shows that retail eCommerce sales reached an all-time high of $3.9 billion in May 2020, a 110.8% increase over May 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly responsible for this record-breaking gain.

Even though brick-and-mortar locations are expanding with greater capacities, the last year’s events have had a lasting impact on the retail sector. Small businesses rely more on eCommerce sales than ever before.

Here are some of the many advantages of moving to eCommerce:

Attract More Customers

eCommerce allows you to reach new customers from all over the globe. Brick-and-mortar stores are limited to your local area, while eCommerce platforms allow you to reach the entire world.

It is easy to create an online store

Shopify and popular eCommerce platforms such are easy to set up and use. If you aren’t confident in setting up an eCommerce website from scratch, many websites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy have high traffic. These sites can help you sell your products.

Increase Your Sales

You can increase your revenue by expanding your geographical reach and allowing customers to purchase at any hour instead of only during business hours.

Now is the perfect time to start eCommerce. These are some digital marketing strategies that can optimize your eCommerce sales.

How to Increase Ecommerce Sales?

You can’t expect customers to line up at your brick-and-mortar shop if you don’t have clever marketing and advertising techniques. Digital marketing is much more sophisticated and efficient than traditional methods that you would use to open a physical shop.

These seven tips will help you start your eCommerce journey:

Multichannel communication with customers

It is not enough to set up an eCommerce platform. Customers must be reached through multiple channels. Many channels are available to reach customers, including creating a blog, social media channels, and email newsletters, updates, and promotions.

Building trust with your customer base

By building brand awareness, tell your customers about your story. To grab their attention, use Facebook or Google ads. You can also produce high-quality content people love to share with you. By directly communicating with customers via comments on blogs and social media posts, you can build trust and increase brand awareness.

Conduct Competitor Analysis

Look for similar businesses in your industry. You can use tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush to identify your competitors if you are unsure. You can check how frequently your competitors use social media to track their top-selling products, website design, pictures, tone of voice, and the best-selling products. These things can inspire you, but don’t copy them.

Do your research on customers

You must know your customer’s needs before you can sell to them. These are some great research tools that you can use to your advantage.

Google Analytics: Helps you track your customers to help you find the right customer. It allows to see where visitors are located, how they found your site and other information about website traffic.

Google Webmaster Tool: allows you to determine which keywords people are searching to bring them to your store.

Google Trends: Shows who is looking for your products or services. You can also add keywords to your eCommerce platform to increase traffic and sales.

The Customer Experience is the Most Important Thing

You’ve attracted potential customers to your website. That’s great, but they must make a purchase. It should be seamless for customers to purchase. When it comes to eCommerce, UX (User Experience), is crucial. Your platform must be organized well and be easy to use. You can impress your customers by including a search bar and offering different payment options. Your site visitors will be able to pay as guests, rather than being forced to create an account.

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