SaaS Tools for Agencies: Partner Programs

SaaS tools have opened up new opportunities for revenue generation. Agency partner programs are only one example.

Partner programs not only provide new opportunities but also allow for the creation of new strategies between agencies and vendors. This is not a new concept, but it will be more common in the future.

What’s an agency partner program?

A set of strategies is the basis of an agency partner program. SaaS companies partner with agencies to increase their business growth while lowering the cost of customer acquisition. Agencies get more clients and revenue in return. It is a win-win situation for both agencies and vendors.

The majority of agency partner programs can be categorized into three points.

  • More clients won
  • New revenue streams
  • Long-term growth of your business.

SaaS companies must acquire customers in a cost-effective way to make the most out of these partner programs. They also need agencies to reach qualified clients. Agencies act as an intermediary between clients and SaaS companies at this stage. The software provides many benefits to agencies.

Why are partner programs successful?

There are many SaaS partner programs on the market. It is difficult and time-consuming to find the right partner. Agencies and vendors often choose multiple partners depending on their needs.

The agency side starts by asking why they want to partner with SaaS tools. Research has shown that agencies are more likely to choose a partner program if they have good communication, excellent training, and support. Medium-sized agencies are more likely to appreciate the benefits of a partnership in terms of product stability and referrals.

SaaS companies can enlist the assistance of agencies to find new growth opportunities. Agencies can help them expand their reach, gain long-term, successful customers, and scale their businesses quickly by partnering with them. Revenue-sharing is a common model for SaaS companies to use as a partner program. This means that the partner agency refers leads to the SaaS vendor, and if they convert, the agency gets a commission.

Top 12 Partner Programmes by SaaS Tools

It cannot be easy to find the right partner. This is especially true when you consider the increase in agency partner programs. This blog post is to assist you in your search.

Most SaaS tools offer partner programs for social media marketing, website design, content marketing and eCommerce. This program is more popular with agencies that offer these services. The partnership is not only about creating new revenue streams but also about winning more clients and generating qualified leads.

Below are the top SaaS partner programs for agencies. We’ve listed their benefits and offerings:

  • Cloudways Agency Partnership Program
  • Wix Partner Program
  • Justuno Partner Program
  • HubSpot Solutions Partner Program
  • Partner Program at Sprout Social Agency
  • Mailchimp & Co
  • Shopify Partner Program
  • Hootsuite Solution Partners
  • Databox Partner Program
  • Vidyard Partner Program
  • Klaviyo Partner Program
  • Unbounce Partner Program

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