Salesforce IoT Cloud: A Brilliant Innovation For Future Businesses and Smart Workforce

Connected devices have brought a massive change in our life. Now we can adjust the room lights with voice control, unlock our smart homes with a touch, get relevant information about a product in seconds and all this is possible with IoT. Internet of Things (IoT) has completely transformed our lifestyle, making it easy, convenient and time-saving. Various industrial areas seek technological solutions that can simplify their business operations, and IOT when combined with Salesforce CRM, give them the flexibility and ease to get such solutions.

IoT as expanded (Internet of Things) is a system where devices are connected with the internet. These smart devices initiate actions when an event occurs and deliver data. Like when you command a virtual assistant via voice, it recognises, collects the data and provides meaningful information in just seconds. 

The data stored in these devices becomes valuable for organisations to deliver customers better services. The future of Salesforce holds development of several new applications. Tech-giants are now experimenting with new technologies, and Salesforce IoT is the best example. 

What is Salesforce CRM

So, now we understood IOT, knowing CRM is essential. CRM is a system which helps businesses to collect and arrange customer’s data in an organised manner. This assists organisations to track their customer history, and support product marketing and selling. So, the task of the entire market and sales team is done by a single software. The Salesforce CRM offers multiple benefits that have proved as founding pillars of some successful businesses.

Salesforce IoT Cloud Learning

Use of these sophisticated software has increased the demand of workforce that can efficiently manage them, and that’s why more graduates are looking for salesforce certification training. If you are among the one, then starting with basics is important and online videos, tutorials, web content can help you significantly. Beginners can start by practising on the demo version and then switch to premium versions. 

Those worried about the pricing of the software can get discounts when joining a training institute and cut the software cost. 

Diving into Salesforce IoT

As Salesforce has myriad of options and IoT founds use in thousands of devices, it is better to understand Salesforce IoT cloud, so one can get a clear picture and choose the right training course. 

Customer Context: Gathering data is the first and foremost step, but it can be turned to a more meaningful. Information if we know other factors like location, time, history, previous orders. Salesforce IoT Cloud customer context helps to generate the collected data to better real-time responses. It’s the phase where a customer takes actions or help devices to initiate actions. Like if a traffic light system works on Salesforce IT cloud and if any light faced some issues, the system will automatically issue a ticket to the maintenance department with details about the location and route map. It analyses the problem and makes fixes on its own.

Integration of Einstein Analytics: Salesforce IoT cloud uses the Einstein Analytics cloud- an analytics tool built entirely on the cloud. It not only collects and process information from sensors and physical devices but also from websites, Salesforce, ERP records. With Einstein Analytics, the information process faster and help users to know how customers are using the services and what can be done to engage more customers and improve services as per different customer groups.

Support with Other IoT Systems: Although, Salesforce IoT cloud is enough to collect the data and process information that enable businesses to deliver services from start to finish on its own, It extends its compatibility by supporting integration with third-party company products like, AWS IoT. Thus, you get an extensive amount of data from multiple sources, helping you to look at other parameters of marketing and sales. 

Salesforce IoT Cloud is a complete business package that helps you connect with customers, business partners, enabling to deliver top-of-the-class services by looking at the needs of your consumers. Additionally, integration with third-party tools enables to know what’s new and the system itself suggest changes business can make to bring more customers. 

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