Summer of Sport: How can you engage your audience at home?

Here’s a reminder that marketers can delight customers, clients, and prospects with the speed and effectiveness Djokovic serves.

IKEA’s reputation for reactive marketing was solidified by the introduction of the “Cristiano”, a simple and reusable water bottle. This product was created after Ronaldo, the Portuguese footballer, had refused two bottles of Coca-Cola to drink his preferred post-match beverage.

This summer of sport

There are many opportunities for sports advertising to test new strategies. This summer is especially rich with international and local events, including the Euros, Tour de France and Copa America. Marketers can test their strategies in each pool and evaluate the results to optimize future and adjacent campaigns.

These sporting events are ideal for advertising opportunities on linear TV, social media, and video-on-demand. Each event has a fan base that ranges from passionate to casual and all levels of emotion. This knowledge raises questions. What is the best way to strategize, and to what group? These events may inspire you to try out strategies on a smaller scale. Your findings could lead to highly targeted, data-driven campaigns.

Marketers can’t overestimate the importance of understanding the relationship between sporting events and their supporters and fanatics. It is crucial to know the unique characteristics of each event. It is smart to use the entire Tokyo Olympics to test video-on-demand strategies. The time differences between live broadcasts allow for marketing creativity. It is possible to determine the audience and set the tone and messaging by knowing who they are.

There is no better time than the present

A fan caused many cyclists to crash at Tour de France. Here are some thoughts: Was this a marketing opportunity? It all depends on how risk-averse you are. It qualifies as an opportunity. It is certainly a great opportunity.

What if you had the basic principles of “right person at the right place with the right message” in your mind? How could this mishap be used to get the attention it deserves? It is your message that matters most. The success of your campaign will depend on it. But the mechanism of getting that message to the right people at the right places has become the easier part. It is the hard work of coming up with creative that works, just like IKEA’s water bottles.

It is easy to identify the interests of your customers in Wimbledon, Euros and Tour de France. This simple knowledge can lead to huge benefits in terms of social strategy and tactical messaging. The better your customer relationships will be, the more you can connect with them and their entire range of interests.

It’s essential to have an omnichannel, mission-critical platform that provides intelligence and capability to be agile and seize the moment. To make fast decisions, changes and course corrections, you need access to performance metrics and data. You need to do this not only once but repeatedly.

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