Top Video Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

While many things have changed, the passion for entertainment has not. Only the format is different. While reading novels were popular in 1800s England, people today prefer to watch online videos.

Statista reports that 27.2% spend 10 hours a week watching online videos. 61% of marketers use online videos as a digital marketing tool because of their popularity.

Video marketing is becoming more important as the demand for online videos increases. Small businesses can also use online video marketing to attract customers and promote their products or services.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing uses videos to communicate valuable information. These videos can gain the trust of potential customers, build credibility, and increase brand awareness.

Small businesses can create bite-sized video content that they can share on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. This will allow them to attract customers, generate leads, drive conversions, and get new customers.

4 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

1. Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Although blog articles can provide valuable information just like online videos, many prefer them because it requires less mental effort to absorb the content.

Using online video marketing on social media can help grab people’s attention. Replying to comments made by others on online videos can help you build a deeper connection and personal interaction.

To reach more people, upload more videos to social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. These platforms will allow you to share your videos with others, which can help increase your customer engagement.

2. Acquire More Web Traffic

You can expect your audience to follow you on social media and eventually visit your website.

Optimizing your website is key to attracting more organic traffic. Your organic traffic will grow by 41% if you upload relevant and high-quality online videos. This is 41% more than the average business that does not use video marketing.

You can increase your web traffic by regularly sharing and posting online videos on social media. As your organic traffic increases, you can expect your website’s search engine ranking to rise.

3. Your website can increase your dwell time.

Small businesses can also benefit from video marketing by increasing the dwell time of their website visitors. Forbes mentions that a netizen spends on average 88% more time on a website.

If you don’t know what dwell time is, it is the amount of time a user spends on a website before closing the browser tab.

You want visitors to spend more time on your website so make sure you create engaging and informative online videos. If they find them entertaining, you can expect them to return to your website to see more of your videos.

4. Increase the likelihood of customers buying your products

Video marketing can be a great tool for small businesses to encourage customers to buy.

According to Forbes, 90% of customers stated that watching online videos had influenced their purchasing decisions. This is not surprising, as a brief online video can provide more information than product descriptions.

Customers can see the product before they buy it. This is possible because an online video can show everything from the angles of the products to how they will be used.

Customers will be more likely to buy if you demonstrate all of them.

3 Tips for Creating a Quality Video Marketing Campaign

These are some tips to help you incorporate video marketing into your business strategy.

1) Add subtitles

Subtitles can help viewers better understand the content. Adding subtitles can be helpful for viewers who cannot hear certain parts of the video.

Make sure that the subtitles are not the same color as the background when adding subtitles to an online video. If they are not readable, subtitles may become inaccessible.

2) Keep the Video Length Low

People are used to living at a fast pace and become impatient when online videos take so long to complete.

If you want to get people to view your video on Facebook or any other social media marketing platform for your business, keep it to 30 seconds to one minute.

3) Be real

Reels and TikTok are so popular because it shows the real world of everyone. Keep it real when creating online videos for your business. Customers will trust you if you only tell the truth and don’t sugarcoat words.

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