What does content marketing do to build brand awareness?

Your brand awareness goes beyond people simply recognizing your business name and your logo.

Proper brand awareness requires your audience to know you and your brand’s personality.

Brand awareness is vital because people are likelier to trust a brand they already know than a brand new to them.

According to a research study, more than 80% of people looking for products on Google clicked on websites they already knew. This was regardless of their ranking in the results.

Content marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness. Every piece of branded content that individual views makes them more familiar with your brand. Exposure is an essential factor, but it’s only one.

Your brand can be built in many different ways with content.

Quick Takeaways

Content marketing can be a great way to share your knowledge and expertise with your audience and build trust.

Your brand will get more exposure the more content you create. Every piece of content can increase your audience.

Content is an integral part of your overall brand. It can be used to reinforce your brand voice and your commitment to your brand values.

Demonstrating Authority & Expertise

You can show your expertise by regularly publishing educational and informative content that solves your audience’s problems.

HubSpot has many valuable and detailed articles about customer experience, content marketing, web design, and email marketing.

These articles are not intended to sell more software licenses. They don’t even mention the products or services the company offers.

These informational articles are not intended to increase sales but share knowledge and strengthen HubSpot’s authority in digital marketing.

HubSpot’s blog audience may be looking for marketing software later. They’ll be able to build a stronger connection between HubSpot and their marketing knowledge with each piece they read.

HubSpot will be a brand they trust and will remember if they ever need a CRM or marketing automation tool.

Building Trust

Publishing helpful information to your audience consistently shows your authority and expertise and helps you gain your audience’s trust.

People don’t want to feel sold to or that companies only care about their business.

Content marketing is publishing content that needs to be more sales-oriented and shows you care about your audience’s problems rather than just how to sell.

Your audience will trust you more if they read your content and get to know you better. They will spend more money with you if they have faith in you.

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