Why time tracking for ad agencies makes sense?

Get visibility on the hours spent on client projects

If you could see the time and money spent on each project in real-time, wouldn’t that make your team more inclined to stick to a budget? This visibility is possible with time tracking software.

Employees simply choose the correct client or project name when they begin working. They can hit “stop” or choose a new client when they are done. The tracker tracks the exact time they spend on each project.

There is no need to guess how long an employee spent with a client.

There will be no more in-person or virtual check-ins to ensure every project is completed.

Please don’t wait until it is too late to report overspends.

Automated timesheets will be available with precise time to the second. You’ll also know whether each project is financially viable.

You can keep your client hours under control

Did you know that clients often demand more than what they are paying for? Time tracking software can help you keep track of client hours and set limits.

Limit how much time your team can spend on client projects and see the hours worked in real-time. You get an alert when projects are at risk of exceeding budget.

You can then make adjustments to your budget.

This helps to keep your client’s balance even. Your team will not waste time or lose money on a project that is already well-known. Instead, they will focus on clients who may not have received the full service they expected.

When necessary, assign additional staff

Sometimes you have to meet critical deadlines and don’t necessarily have the resources. Agency teams can benefit from additional staffing and resource allocation features under pressure.

A time management app makes it much easier to manage freelancers and contractors. You can also get proof of work features such as URL reports and screenshots to ensure you get the assistance you need.

Your time tracker can help you decide which tasks and projects you want to outsource.

Look at the time-tracking data for previous tasks that your team has completed. What tasks take the most time? These are the tasks you spend the most money on. It makes sense to outsource these tasks at a per-project rate to save money and free up your team’s time.

Better reporting

Agency teams still depend on formal reports to plan future projects, even though they have a direct view of project hours and budgeting.

Time tracking tools are great for helping your team track information quickly, such as budgeting, billable hours or website and app activity. You can then add the data to project files and send it to clients.

Exportable reports can prove work to for clients when they are unsure of the price.

Employee accountability and identification of under-performing employees

Agencies can also use a time tracking tool that includes proof of work features to help them gauge employee performance. You can use optional screenshots, keyboard activity tracking, and web and app usage to understand each team member’s work.

Managers can show proof of work features to give the right tools and assign the best employees the job they are capable of doing.

Ad agencies can monitor employees’ activities without interrupting work to capture screenshots. This is particularly useful when working with multiple clients who all need updates.

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